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Inner Fragments

     After 2500 years of monarchial rule, the 1979 Islamic Revolution turned Iran on its head. As a result, the dynamics of Iran’s art scene also transformed. A generation of artists were born after the revolution. They endured the aftermath of the revolution and the Iran-Iraq war, which brought with it a series of intense political circumstances, sanctions, and isolationism. As such, their artistic expression took a distinct turn of varying styles and genres. Their work is subtle, intimate, and offers a deeper insight into their existence.

     Inner Fragments, co-curated by Mahsa Soroudi and Parisa Ghaderi, is an exhibition of sixteen Iranian female artists, most of whom live and work inside Iran. It portrays a slice of Iranian women’s lives that is insightful and also shatters the typical cliched themes of the hijab and oppression. Given the current climate between the U.S. and Iran, this show aims to transcend geographical and political boundaries. The curators hope to close the gap between the two nations by highlighting the new wave of contemporary Iranian art as a way to understand modern Iran

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