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Inner Fragments


The 1979 Islamic Revolution, which overthrew 2500 years of the Persian monarchy, transformed the dynamics of Iran’s art scene. A young generation of artists born during the aftermath of the Iran-Iraq war and revolution endured a series of intense political circumstances, sanctions and isolationism on the international scene where part of their world order. Their art took a distinct turn through the medium of wide-ranging styles and genres, often with a subtlety, a deeper insight, and more intimate expression.


“Inner Fragments”, co-curated by Mahsa Soroudi and Parisa Ghaderi, is an exhibition of sixteen Iranian female artists, most of whom live and work inside Iran. It portrays a slice of Iranian women’s lives that is profound and beyond typical clichés such as Hijab and oppression. Additionally, considering the geopolitics of Iran and the U.S., with the current administration, the exhibition aims for a greater intention, using art to transcend geographical and political boundaries. The curators are hoping to close the gap between Iran and the U.S., and highlight the new wave of contemporary Iranian art as an alternative mode of understanding modern Iran.

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