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Inner Fragments

Contemporary art transcends the concept of time and space. Its notion encourages bold and creative individuals to share their stories and inspire one another beyond geographical and political borders, and inequality in gender, race and class.


The long history of animosity between Iran and the U.S. since the 1979 Islamic revolution, has blocked the cultural exchange between the two countries and has limited the mutual perception to what is portrayed in media.


We started our collaboration in 2015, hoping to close the gap between Iran and the U.S. by shedding some light on the contemporary Iranian art.

However, the current administration has tremendously affected the diplomatic situation and has slowed down the process of realizing this exhibition. As an aftermath, the original artworks could not make their way from Iran to this exhibition, except the ones from the artists who live outside of Iran.


“The Inner fragments” is an exhibition of seventeen Iranian female artists most of whom live and work inside Iran and await an opportunity to showcase their artwork. The postcards and empty frames, symbolically suggests the absence of original artworks of artists inside Iran.


We are determined to find a way to exhibit the original artworks across the U.S. and specifically in the places less exposed to such insight. This exhibition will create a space for dialogue and constructive discussion between the artists and the American audience thus engaging in an artistic discourse regardless of political and geographical boundaries.

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