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Narcisse E. Esfahani

Born in 1982 in Tehran

BFA in Industrial Design from Azad Art University of Tehran

BA in Fine Arts from Le MIrail University of Toulouse, France

She currently lives and works in Montreal, Canada

Narcisse E. Esfahani is a photographer based in Montreal, Canada. In the series “Concealed Town”, Esfahani invites her audience to invisibly roam in a town, a place created of dreams, reality, subjectivity and verity. Esfahani explores the concept of leaving a trace behind, and tries to create portraits of people in ambiguity. The foggy environment of Esfahani’s work reinforces these portraits’ perplexity and solitude. She uses different techniques of photography, such as panning, zooming and long exposure, to achieve this proof of concept. Esfahani also takes advantage of noise and texture to create a timeless and infinite space in her work, without context or border.



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