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Born in 1983 in Tehran

BFA Graphic Design, Art and Architecture University of Tehran


Homa Arkani presents a harsh critique of the Iranian public. Her work pays special attention to the decline of culture in Iran. In her work, the youth who want to break with tradition and express themselves are reactionary, and so at times fall into superficiality. They adopt certain fashion and social behaviors without much critical thought. Even if Iranians are living in a totalitarian society, they shouldn’t just point their finger at each other; they should be introspective as well.

Part of the excitement of her work is seeing a glimpse of what Iranian youth really indulge in – socially, culturally, and psychologically. The other part is seeing Arkani’s clever and critical depiction of it. Perhaps this is why her work has gone viral: she gets into the Iranians’ personal space.

You don’t have to be Iranian to feel this "in-between-ness," or to understand the tension between your past and present in society.

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