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Exhibition of Iranian Women Art

Jan 15 - Feb 24, 2020

Michigan State University

7500 miles is an ongoing online project which offers a new approach in representing a new wave in Iranian contemporary art and specifically women artists.

This exhibition will not play the exotic card to win the sympathy of a Western audience, but will focus on universal themes that women experience in their lives, beyond being mothers, wives, and daughters. This exhibition focuses on women’s inspirations, intimate moments, frustrations and confusion, vulnerability, and sense of alienation they go through while engaged in each of these roles.

7500 Miles portrays a slice of women’s lives that is profound and beyond typical clichés. It is an invitation to forget the stereotypical images of Iran and women and it invites the viewer to be a part of their intimate and private moments through their lens.

This exhibition is non-political, only showcasing art produced by Iranian women artists which reflects many of the same interests and concerns of artists in the West.

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