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Maryam Khosravai

Born in 1983 in Tehran

BFA Graphic Design, Art and Architecture University of Tehran

Born in Tehran in1981. Maryam received her Masters degree in Art Direction and Graphic Design in 2011 from ESAG Penninghen (Julien Academie) in Paris where famous artists such as Matisse and Louise Bourgeois, Rauschenberg, Duchamp graduated from. She grew up in an art loving family who frequented many great artists including Farideh Lashai who was her first major influencer. In her artwork, Maryam focuses on her ongoing interest in the duality of female identity. She tries to overcome the barrier of her culture and communicates in a global language to a wider audience through a fusion of digital codes. As a graphic designer she uses a concept-oriented approach and illustrates her ideas in non-linear narratives.The significant absence of ornaments and unnecessary detail in her work effectively portrays her perception and expresses her vision. Maryam has gained her experiences working with graphic designers such as Reza Abedini, SARL LM Communiquer, and Michel Bouvet's graphic design studio in Tehran and Paris. Maryam's exhibition "Incubus, Succubus, Pendulus: The Secret Rules of Gravity" at Aun Gallery | Tehran in 2012, rewarded her with many praises from the press and the public. Since then her work has been shown in galleries in Tehran. Maryam currently resides in New York where she works as an artist and graphic designer.

As a Fine Arts instructor, she has collaborated with Iran Game Development Institute in Tehran, Pardis for children in New York, École Française in Tehran, and Kherad high school in Tehran

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